Therapy is for whimps.


I’ve noticed lately, perhaps through my own personal “cry for attention” hunt (perhaps not!) for the immaculate size 4 that a lot of people are “wannabe anorexics”. If you do a google search for the “A” word (ana, if your cool), you will find about 259 000 000 links to the subject. Not that any of you would have reason to, but if you read the forums and message boards you will find people actually ASKING how to be anorexic. Now my quandary is this; do you really need to ask?!

They usually start their posts by stating their age and weight (which is always in the 13-16, 90-120lbs range) and follow it up with a fishing question, a question which I’m almost sure they already know the answer to, but somehow by asking these anonymous internet people “if they are fat”, and having them respond with doting words of flattery- because those giving the compliments are fat wannabe’s that covet those zeros and ones (which for all they know could be made up by another fat person on the other side of the screen), it will make it OK to eat that slice of pizza (napkin-ed, of course) that they were going to eat regardless.

Truth is, Eating disorders are silent battles…There is no rationalizing, compromising, or celebrating a “good day”. You are never happy, you are never “OK” with what you eat and you don’t ask people because you already know.

This is what you strive for…until you get there of course.

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