Therapy is for whimps.

Would you?

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Is it OK to change your beliefs?
In this information age, Wikipedia and Google inform the world that there are in fact two sides (sometimes even three) to every story. We are allowed to entertain ideas of conspiracy, fetishes, scientific explanations for ANYTHING we can think of!
So, who and/or what do we believe?!
With 5 000 000 scat fetish sites (or something to that effect) it makes me wonder; is it acceptable to get off on golden showers and chocolate waterfalls (It DOES sound rather tantilizing doesn’t it)?! Are we suppose to accept it?

Plastic surgery: SOOOOO many people have it done, as young as 16. It’s not taboo anymore and is a rapidly growing industry… Does that mean you must be perfect by way of plastic? Will we eventually turn into a plastic society where natural beauty is the cause of disgust?

It’s not “FINE” to have hair in “unsexy” places. NOT ONE! It’s not “ALRIGHT” to not smell like deodorant and body splash. It’s not attractive to have womanly curves or naturally hung breasts.
And I believe it to be true. Now why is that?….


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