Therapy is for whimps.

Toronto the Good

Our city used to be called “Toronto the Good”…I’m sure we also know our new name (Hater Capital ring any bells?!) Basically…We fell off…yo.

Not too long ago, in my daily skimming of the global/local/national/universal grocery store bulletin board (aka Craigslist), I came across an ad in the ‘Free’ section offering to provide a Christmas dinner for 20 families in need to anyone that responded to the ad with an explanation of their circumstances. See the ad Here

Christmas is a difficult time of year for a lot of people, more people than you would EVER imagine… Seeing this offer really made me think about how compassionate some people STILL are, and how not everyone has become completely consumed in their own personal, shallow hells (walking through two feet of dirt sucks, but it’s better than lying in six!)

Sometimes, reaching out to someone and giving of yourself can become the distinction between a sad holiday and a happy, memorable one.

Suffice to say, since this ad was published, several people have followed these good Samaritans lead and have offered the gift of a hearty Christmas dinner (and toys for children as well).

I’m not trying to guilt anyone into volunteering at a soup kitchen or anything (pee-eww!…jay kay), I am perhaps just trying to encourage people to put more thought into their gifts this year. The cost of your gift will be priceless if you do.

So…What are you giving this holiday?

***Can you recognize anyone in this photo!?***


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