Therapy is for whimps.

Ball Breaker

Such an inappropriate title for such an elegant and classic work or art…Meh, that’s how I do. I like to ruin things.


(Nutcracker Rehearsal)

Tis the season for buying presents and eating til your waistband cuts off circulation to your lower body and you get those pant line indents in your skin (don’t front…you know…).

Tis ALSO the time when my girly inner child has visions of sugar plums dancing in her head…Sugar plum FAIRIES that is!

I’ve never seen the Nutcracker…This is a travesty considering that I eat/breathe/shit dance… really…it’s like watching the African synchronized swimming at the Olympics…..(oh yes I did)….

One day…


Also, as one of my goals is to culture your insolent brains; if you feel like actually knowing what The Nutcracker is about so you don’t feel clueless when someone brings it up at your next Christmas party, Go here: Nutcracker Story


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