Therapy is for whimps.


Do not collect $200.
I have the pleasure of knowing one of TOR/MTL’s original Sneaker Lords (or so I like to think of him!). So as a perk of this ‘knowledge’, I get to look at exclusive, highly confidential (ok maybe I’m exaggerating a LITTLE bit), high-gloss, fancy-pants merchandise catalogues that showcase the coming seasons new gear.
Vans did aiight this time around I must say. Nothing to write home about, but there are some pretty strong pieces that stand out and make you go “arighhh, I see you homie!”.
I’m esp feeling the prison issue.
Attention to detail.
Thoughtful colourways.
VELCRO! (Y’all aren’t ready for that yet)
I’m going to HATE these shoes come September when they have been worn by everyone and their mom…Curse trends…Blast.
Until then…I ❤ these.

prison vans


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