Therapy is for whimps.

Emo Tings

As much as I try to go about my own business and be happy, there’s always someone….or more than one person that just gets off on trying to bring me down…

I’m sure everyone has had one (or several) of these people come in and out of their lives and no matter how at peace YOU are with the situation, that person can make one simple, sly statement and get your blood boiling!…

Oftentimes, we tend to fall into the pattern of ALLOWING these mongrels to get the better of our character, but I have learned that with time, (and through quite a few recurring incidents!) one can come out fairly unscathed with just a few ruffles in your feathers, not much else. I wish I could explain this better, I’m going to try my best because my mind is just all over the place with this one! (When things get under my skin it’s damn near impossible not to shut up about them!)

It has recently come to my attention that more people seem to “know” me (and that term is used like an 80 year old whore’s vagine) than I ever thought. I DO know how they came to know me, but I DO NOT know them and I’m positive I wouldn’t be able to pick them out if one were to stare at me to my face as opposed to being far away in a dim nightclub, as that is where most of said buffoonery most likely takes place…

ANYWAYS! It seems that certain people like to talk about certain people and tell little bedtime stories. I Have to admit, when I was in a different, CLOUDED mind-frame last year, I was guilty of entertaining this practice.
It was only when I completely removed myself from that cloud that I could see all angles and sides of this nasty way of living.

We do it with celebrities all the time. Build them up and then point and laugh as they fall to the ground. I think the reason I am a Britney Spears fan now as opposed to say, 6 years ago, -when I actually wished something bad would happen to her (Sorry Britney!)- is that I can relate to what she has gone through…. (Sorry, a bit of a tangent….relevant nonetheless.) This is exactly the kind of thing that happens (figuratively speaking of course) in circles in cities where there is not much to gain, and not much to lose. I am in no way a celebrity nor do I try to be. That though, is precisely why this bothers me so!….I just don’t get what the fuss is about, I march to the beat of my own drum. I am the little drummer boy, why you watching me on my drum?

I’m not going to rant anymore because I’m sure this is enough for now, I’ll probably do another one some time when I gather more concise thoughts, I just had to get it out because I couldn’t sleep last night (boiling blood makes for restless nights) and now I’m home from work tired as a mofo and bitter because of it.

I just ask ANYONE, if you are reading this, and LISTENING (well…..not listening…but…you know what I mean!) Please, I implore you to think long and hard the next time someone tries to drag you into a gossip session about someone who’s business you know nothing about.

I am a strong person and this is one of the hardest things I’ve had to overcome…Other people may not be as strong…WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY WOULD DO…Just saying…Think about it people…


Have class, have dignity, have compassion in 2009.
Thank You.


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