Therapy is for whimps.


Yes, I was a boyband fanatic I will admit it. My friend Crystal and I went down to the “Warehouse” (Koolhaus for the youngin’s) at 9am for a free Nsync concert that started at like 5. By the time we got there the line up was already around the block but we unknowingly ran to the front of the line. No one said anything though! We get inside, after all the contest winners from KISS FM were let in first. We weren’t that close up but I noticed that people were getting pulled to the very front (because they were being crushed in the crowd) so I saw a perfect opportunity to get closer to the stage! I faked being crushed, was body surfed to the front where securiity then took me and told me to go get water at the bar and stay on the outside. womp womp. Needless to say, this song is what started it all.


3 responses

  1. Me

    “Koolhaus for the youngin’s”
    Its Warehouse for the kiddies…RPM for the big dogs

    01/19/2009 at 02:44

  2. willia11

    fine. be old.

    01/20/2009 at 00:24

  3. this is my shit!

    02/02/2009 at 09:04

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