Therapy is for whimps.

When in Rome

I went on a cruise this past Thanksgiving (the Canadian one) and was subjected to cheese and excess at it’s finest. You could leave towels on the floor and your bed a mess and come back to a chocolate on your pillow and fresh towels hanging on the wall, like magic.
The nightly cabaret shows are things of legends. Painful to watch yet impossible to turn away like witnessing a drive by on the 401…..(ugh)….
Here’s a sample of one of the many “game shows” you could participate in on the ship. This one was saved for the last night and was also kept a top secret unless you knew someone on the inside (or Gold Anchor member i.e. fat person from Chicago that takes WAYYYY too many cruises).
*Peep Josh in the mix* LOL

P.S. Guess where I made this post from just now….I’ll give you “two”. hahahaha


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