Therapy is for whimps.

Cottage in September

The water at my cottage in Muskoka in September is NOT something you want to go in EVER unless you’re a crazy person from B.C. Mountain-land and frolic in apple orchards and pick daisies for fun….I.E. this chicky here.
Homeboy 40′ was just along for the ride….The things guys do for……well, you know the rest…
Gotta admit, looks hella fun though…If this were in July and I wasn’t the 3rd-wheel at my own cottage I might have done it too….ha.


2 responses

  1. parveen

    omg keesha I LOVE YOU for putting this up, i miss you AND the cottage AND the water AND you little canoe journey to neverland or something like it:)

    01/28/2009 at 18:44

  2. willia11

    You’re everywhere.

    02/02/2009 at 23:05

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