Therapy is for whimps.

Makes me happy

I was just watching BET’s 106 and Park for the first time since I was a teenager (I went to Central AND Western Tech…lol)
And I saw T-Pain and Chris Brown’s new video, and then that subsequently led me to think about the time I met Chris Brown, and at the time not thinking much about it, but in now seeing the aforementioned video, I am really really happy I got to meet him.

I feel like a perv a little bit because Chris Brown makes my heart flutter….Like actually though, should I even be thinking these things?! Should I call somebody?!….haha….. I kid.

Anyways, It was the big Glow in the Dark show that came to the city, I was suppose to go but for some reason (probably the HORRIBLE weather) I decided to pass….A barrage of BBMs throughout the evening convinced me to go out afterall; to the after-party (EVEN THOUGH it was at Circa!). I go, I’m in the VIP, All the celebs are ushered in (while I’m being smushed by the other VIPs because Pharell is tinyly precious and cannot come within 2 feet of humans or his ice cream will melt.)…
They post up in the inner circle of the VIP away from the dirty and fatal touch of a human and we all just try to party around the people trying to get closer to the inner circle…

Some N.E.R.D dood basically becomes my forced security guard for the night because he was ‘important’ and wanted to show off. Two two’s, I’m in the inner circle. He’s introducing me to everyone and I’m not registering ANY of it because I’m PLASTERED! He introduces me to Chris Brown (who was being watched CLOSELY by his Alien leader). 5 Minutes later, I feel a pinch on my bum…Now being a girl that has been to a club, in this city, I am used to such things and have learned over the years how to skillfuly avoid such “accidents”- So I turn around, and There is Chris Brownnose Looking (obviously) in all directions but mine.

I let it slide, figured it was a mistake (I do afterall, look EXACTLY like Rihanna….When it’s dark….From a certain angle….for a second…maybe…) but then 3 mins after that he DOES IT AGAIN!

Dood, why you tryna get Rihanna to start a fight an’ shit? I was not ready to throw down in my 5 inch heels and a little black dress! So again, I suck it up and let it slide.

You would think this story was going somewhere juicy wouldn’t you?…Well it’s not really! After the bum pinching Cris Brown came up to talk to me in between his dance performances on the stage (impromptu I might add….Famewhore…) and needless to say…he thought I was pretty…and that made my night….and the next few days after it!

EDITOR’S NOTE (Editor meaning ME):

I wrote this on the Friday night before Alien Princess Ri Ri got a smack down so my opinion has changed slightly since then! Nevertheless, it was true when I wrote it….And it’s about the only cool story I have to brag about when it comes to celebrities, and yes, I do know that I am grabbing at straws here….just let me have my moment….goddamnit!


Any man that beats a woman like this should have his balls chopped off because he doesn’t deserve them (or the girl!).


One response

  1. iliveinashire

    ahahahahahahahhaaaaaa, pharrell’s ice cream will melt. omg, you are a literary genious! i miss your quips!

    02/26/2009 at 14:07

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