Therapy is for whimps.

Good Time.

I’m in a positive mood right now.
That is a good thing…
It is a beautiful, yet-fleeting feeling during the cold, dark, lonely and seemingly endless winter. Whether it comes from simple, little thoughts or; passing sights that make you smile to yourself, to not have a troubled mind…For a brief moment, is never a bad thing.

Speaking of good feelings; this mixtape makes me feel like I’m at a snobby, New York, underground/secret Loft party filled with Drag Queens, hot skinny white bitches, people who live in Brooklyn, The Well-Dressed, and a few sweaty, naked gay men. My idea of a good time.

Welcome to New York.

This mix hails from female ‘artist?’, Maggie Horn; who is from the fun, innovative group ‘Telephoned’. Who are partners in crime with ‘Fool’s Gold’. Who are-namebomb, namebomb,- You get where I’m going. Lots of collabo’s and fun surprises on this one.

Before OR after party appropriate. Enjoy.

Maggie Horn DJ mixtape by MaggieHorn


One response

  1. iliveinashire

    pretty sure i fucking love that picture and totally forgot.
    so many memories. that was deffo the best summer ever.

    03/15/2010 at 12:51

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