Therapy is for whimps.

Glamour Shot

Party Monster

There once was a boy, from small town Indiana that dreamed of the big city, New York, New York. Like many before him, his dream quickly spiraled out of control, into a drug induced stupor, eventually landing him in prison for murder. The stuff of fairy tales really. His name is Michael Alig, (I will be doing a post on him soon!)

I began to study Alig and his infamous crew of misfits known as the “The Club Kids” after catching the Macaulay Culkin classic: Party Monster . It sparked a dormant fascination in me that had been quelled for quite some time. This yearning returned in me, to know and feel, as much as I could about New York City in the 80s, back when excess and glamour and darkness ruled the city. Post-Studio 54 and pre-Giuliani, New York City was in transition, with Warhol gone from the art and party scene, NYC was left to figure it all out on their own. The city was as ruthless and cold, as it was beautiful and optimistic. I began searching for photographs that encapsulated these moments in time, and the expressions of a people that experienced the highs and lows that will never be again. The legend of the city. I could post a million photographs from this time and this place, but I will just choose a few from photographer Ken Stein’s personal slide collection (which makes these photos even cooler.) Forget your Polaroids:

denim jacket
Taken March ’84.

lex enquirer

balloon legs

tiger eyes
Taken February ’84.

My favourite thing about this photograph is the fact that it was taken on Halloween (My favourite event of the year) 1981.

To see more from Ken Stein you can view his amazing collection of photographs from the 80’s to present HERE.


One response

  1. iliveinashire

    i wish i lived there too, but i think our 07-08 was pretty fucking dope.

    06/07/2010 at 15:43

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