Therapy is for whimps.

Girl Talk.

Tomorrow evening in our fair city of Toronto, a Biomedical Engineer from Pittsburgh named Gregg Michael Gillis, (better known to the world as Master-Pirate DJ ‘Girl Talk’), will be performing at The Docks, which I refuse to ever call by it’s current name ‘Sound Academy’. Alongside Sir Talk will be the successful, home-grown group known as Keys & Krates. Their eclectic, mash-up style of music will surely lend a hand to one another and make for quite a rowdy party that’s been known to happen on their dance floors and overcrowded stages filled with frighteningly overzealous fans (yes, I am one of them!) Last time Girl Talk was in Toronto, KoolHaus was covered in toilet paper shot from guns…By young women dressed as stripper cops…In November. I’ll leave you with that thought…And a little sampling of the musical styles of Keys & Krates and Girl Talk. Enjoy!

Girl Talk – Play your Part (Part 1)

Keys & Krates Re-Mixing 101
KEYS N KRATES – Re-Mixing 101 by Keys N Krates


One response

  1. lewis

    Keys & Krates Re-Mixing 101 awesomeeeee thank you, I’m liking this blog!

    03/21/2011 at 19:27

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