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1LoveT.O. Pop Up Shop

The guys at 1LoveT.O. have managed to turn our city’s nickname into a brand. A stamp of pride for all of the fine young men and women hailing from our city. Where ever Toronto people are in the world, you can be sure they are carrying these t-shirts in their luggage.

I will be in Bermuda for the Cup Match Festival this weekend and you know I’ll be wearing mine!

Whether you’re giving a t-shirt to a visitor, taking it abroad like me, or wearing it at home in the city…

You should head down to their next “POP-UP SHOP” event. Just in time for Caribana weekend!
Thursday July 29th @ Revival 783 College St West. 5-10pm.

T-Shirt Options: White/Black shirts with: Red, Blue, or Purple hearts available in both Mens/Women’s. Black on Black will also be available along with our BRAND NEW White-on-White. (SIZES: Mens S – XL, Women’s S – L)
Please be advised that there are no pre-orders, so first-come, first-served!



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