Therapy is for whimps.

Nuit Blanche 2010

I’m going to miss Mayor David Miller…Of the many great things he’s done for our city, Nuit Blanche has been one of the most innovative and successful undertakings of his tenure as the successor to Mel Lastman (although, relieving Mel was good enough for me!)

Once a year, our city and its’ scores of art galleries and museums, open their doors from sunset to sunrise, holding free art exhibits and installations for all to see. Friends come together in packs to troll the streets of downtown Toronto throughout the night. They come in droves seeking the thrill of the find or just the elusive, surprise party-cum-installations held in back alley garages, off the beaten path, and usually found only by word of mouth. Most of the time you end up happening upon abstract and obscure, arthouse ‘funk’, that perhaps may be a bit over even the finest OCAD student’s head.

Nevertheless, the fact that our city willingly provides this platform for the expression of art (in it’s MANY shapes and forms) and can trust it’s citizens enough to have some good, clean fun overnight in their precious tourist havens- is enough to applaud whomever it was that prepped counsel’s anus to let this event happen. It is a beautiful thing. So, thanks for the lube and your gentle touch Mr. Miller.

To plan your Nuit Blanche festivities you can find a map of exhibits here: Scotiabank Nuit Blanche or if you’re awesome and you have an iPhone, you can download the “Night Navigator” (fancy, huh?).


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