Therapy is for whimps.



See, I go and say nice things about someone, then I dig up someone who’s totally next level and remember what ‘good’ sounds like. Tricky is consistently amazing, his videos (all that I’ve seen, anyway) are visually stimulating and the sounds he creates are melodic and rich and intelligent. I Just got his new album, Mixed Race and I’m looking forward to it.


I’d Rather Get Some.

This mix is good. Pardon the subject matter.

I Love Having Sax (But I’d Rather Get Some) – I’d Rather x Mad Sax by Real Juicy

I Get Lonely Too.

Guess we all do now and then…

I don’t like to talk about this dude too often because everyone else does so much of it already, but when it’s good, it’s good. I have cautious, but optimistic hopes for his new R&B Mixtape It’s Never Enough.

Hold On.



Jag vet en dejlig rosa, och vit som liljeblad.
I know of a lovely rose, she is white as the lily’s petal.

När jag på henne tänker, så görs mitt hjärta glad.
It gladdens my heart to think of her.

Dess stämma ger en hjärtans tröst, likt näktergalens blida röst,
Her voice gives great solace, like the gentle sound of the nightingale,

så hövisk och så ljuv.
so courteous and delightful.

Som solen fagert skiner, är hon som purpur klar.
Alike the fair sunshine, she is bright as purple.

Gud låt dig aldrig sörja, men alltid vara glad.
God let you never sorrow, but always be merry.

Må de få komma samman med hjärtans fröjd och gamman,
May they come together with joyful hearts,

som längta till varann.
who long for each other.

Var dag går solen neder och dagelig uppgår.
Each day the sun goes down, each day it rises.

När kommer dagen blider, att jag dig skåda får?
When will the clear day come again, that I can behold you?

I hågen är du städs mig när. Farväl, farväl, min hjärtlig kär.
You are always close to me in my mind. Farewell, farewell, my beloved.

Mångtusende godnatt!
Many thousands of goodnights!