Therapy is for whimps.


Hello, My name is Joe.

But he does NOT work in a button factory…Unless we are talking about my button factory….pause.
Ladies, meet Joe Manganiello. You may know him as the hunky werewolf, “Alcide” from the current season of True Blood. I Just felt like sharing a little bit of eye candy with my lady friends on this lovely Humpday.
His IMDB trivia facts add to his ‘Hubba Hubba’ factor. If only he weren’t an actor, he would be perfect!…

– Height 6′ 5″ (1.96 m)
– Graduated with a degree in drama from Carnegie Mellon University.
– Wrote, directed, and starred in a movie made for extra credit in his Chemistry class in which all of his friends starred.
– Was a Varsity football player until a knee injury sidelined him before recovering and lettering in both basketball and volleyball.
– Used to spend his summers on Peaks Island, Maine.
– Used to get paid to dress up like Captain Morgan at bars in Pittsburgh.
– Traveled the world as a roadie for the rock band ‘Goldfinger’ and sang backup vocals on the song “Wasted”, from their album “Disconnection Notice”. He also sang back up for ‘The Used’ on their song “Hospital” from “Lies for the Liars”.
– Has been skydiving with the Army’s parachute team the “Golden Knights”.
– Used to shovel sand and gravel off of a truck and do demolitions for a construction company.



Do my fellow 80s babies remember this TV show?

You Can’t Do That On Television was one of my favourite children’s shows growing up. The show began in Ottawa, ON on February 3, 1979, before I was born. It consisted of a combination of musical performances, game shows and comedy sketches performed by the cast of child actors. The most memorable cast member went on to be a famous rock/folk/pop star…Do you know who?

Nickelodeon, a young network at the time, picked up the show in the US, where it quickly became on of their most popular shows on the network. The famous green slime that would unexpectedly dump on a person that said the “word” of the day, became a staple in the the branding and image of the television network.

One thing Canadians did well in the 80s and 90s was make quality, educational and entertaining television programs for children. Do you remember any of these other classic shows? They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Ah, to be a kid again…Enjoy the hilariously nostalgic trip down memory lane!…

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasn’t Fuzzy, Was He?

Ask anyone who knows me, I am a sucker for comfort. In the frigid winter months, I seek solace in the fact that I get to basically live in fleecy, wooly, cashmere heaven 24/7. My Nana used to knit me sweaters because we didn’t have enough money to buy new ones. She once made me a red sweater with Fred Flinstone on the front and Wilma on the back. It was my pride and joy from the age of 7 until at least 10 when I retired it to try to fit in with the cool kids. This would be the skater/Silverchair/Green Day stage. Man, I wish I still had that sweater!…

This fall, I’m going to look for hand-knit pieces before buying in stores because I find that there’s something magical about a piece of clothing made by someone else, especially a piece of clothing that keeps you protected from the harsh, cold weather. Heck, I might even take up knitting again and make my own fall must-haves.

Here are some knitwear finds from Etsy and a few designer knits that I will desperately try to find cheaper alternatives for because, hey…Let’s be real here, I don’t have a sponsor!…

Stella McCartney

Lauren Urstadt

Yigal Azrouel




LINE Runway

LINE Runway

The Kill Locker

I came across a website containing photographs that belonged to a man named Rodney Alcala. They were found in a locker rented out to Alcala in Seattle, WA, after he was charged with the murder of 5 missing women and children. His way of killing was particularly gruesome. There are as many as 100 unsolved murders spanning across the United States that could very well be attributed to this man who is known as the “Dating Game Killer” (due to his appearance as a contestant on the American TV show).

After reading the back story behind these photographs, you can’t help but feel a chill run down your spine. Alcala seems to try to capture a certain look in the model’s eye, to heighten the moment of the photograph by catching them off guard. It’s disturbing to think about what happened after the photographs were taken and what he may have done with them, but it’s absolutely fascinating to see through the eyes of such a disturbed mind.
I’ve left out the photographs of children because I can’t bare to think about what he was looking for in them, but you can see all the photographs here.

If the idea of looking at photographs taken by a serial killer makes you feel weird….You should probably not continue on…For what it’s worth, he had an eye for stylish ladies…

Errol Williams (Oct.30, 1951-Jul.14,2007)

This man Errol Lucian Williams was a film director, a student and a teacher, a father, a horrible stand-up comedian…But most importantly, he was my uncle.

He passed away three years ago today, from post-operative complications due to Leukemia. He was an exceptional man. He took care of my younger brother and I when we were very little, spending time growing up in New Brunswick . He made us go to the library and join the reading club. He took us to plays in the park and history museums and farmer’s markets. He blared music from the speakers in his tiny, red Hyundai Scoupe. We would sing along to songs by Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs. He had a distinctly, deep and raspy voice and you could always hear his laugh from around the corner and know it was him. We all miss him very much.
R.I.P Uncle Errol…


Humans have the ability to see beauty in each other, in our surroundings and in our expressions (through art, music, words). There is no need to contain the word in a generalized, mass-appeal idea. The cliché is true: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But what is beauty? The age-old question that we have desperately tried to put into words and images, to try to understand the feeling we get when we think we see it. Maybe beauty is a feeling. Maybe we use our senses to perceive it, we seek it out because the feeling we attain is a nice one, a great one in fact.

I have dealt with hindering self-esteem issues for almost half of my life (as have many young women these days), and spending the other half trying to figure out how to deal with it optimistically. Women have days where they don’t even want to leave the confines of their (extremely comfortable) bed, for fear of being judged, of being made fun of and whispered about. We are told we need this cream, or that hair product, or one inch of makeup and 5-inch heels before we can be seen by the ‘functioning society’. What I have learned so far is that, although we may not match up to our expectations of beauty, we are beautiful.

I leave you with images of depictions of beauty, or rather, a concept of it.

The Makings of an ‘It Girl’.

What gives someone the “IT” factor? Rapid advancements in social media (and our global networking abilities in general), have lead us to believe that it is beauty, sex appeal and/or riches that make a women the whisper on everyone’s lips. A lot of people (YES, men too!) strive to attain this factor by trying to be the loudest in the room, or in the most predominantly placed booth of an exclusive nightclub or wearing clothes that cost as much as a used luxury car. But is that what the IT factor should be? Shouldn’t it be the person who no body really knows much about, that makes you wonder what they are really like under their cool demeanor, someone that may not have a lot of money but could wear a paper bag and still break your man’s neck? The It factor to me does not consist of money, # of twitter followers or blog hits; but of unmatchable style and intellect. They should charm your pants off with a quick wit and humble confidence, perhaps they may even shock you with their take on the world but present it in a way you simply cannot deny. They don’t know they are it, they don’t care to be it, they don’t strive to be it. They just are. Effortless.

Here are some famous “It” girls that I think worthy of their titles (IMHO, of course):

Clara Bow (The first “IT” girl)

Zoe Kravitz

Agyness Deyn

Audrey Hepburn

Karen Kain (My childhood idol)

Jeanne Becker (My other childhood idol)

“With ‘IT’ you win all men if you are a woman—all women if you are a man. “IT” can be a quality of the mind as well as a physical attraction. Self-confidence and indifference whether you are pleasing or not—and something in you that gives the impression that you are not at all cold. That’s ‘IT'”. (Source: Wikipedia)