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Bag Lady

I love handbags, who doesn’t? Sadly, they are often expensive purchases to make, so I end up having to save up for months in order to even dream of attaining a designer one (except when I score at the vintage shops!) But guess what I’ve figured out? You don’t have to have a big, fat, designer label stitched on the inside pocket to feel like you look good. Here are some really cute bags I found on (one of my most frequented online stores.) The great thing about Etsy is that all of the items are second-hand or handmade by the individual sellers so you are not only supporting independent designers, you are also contributing to the health of our environment by buying recycled products…You can’t go wrong there.


Old Tacky Bastard

Speaking of Honest Ed…All jokes aside, I think he was a great man that did this city a huge favour by basically creating a world-class theatre city single-handedly.


I’m sure every child born and raised in this city has fond memories of Honest Ed’s at the bright and shiny corner of Bathurst and Bloor, with it’s lightbulb signs and painted lure slogans, tack was always in full effect and on overdrive but you knew where to find a bargain from miles away.


This is that famous corner back in 1948 when Honest Ed Mirvish first opened his store with the help of his late wife’s insurance policy of $212 (Which would be the equivilent of about $1807 today)…Hmmm….Wife’s insurance policy eh!?….

Amongst the bins and racks and dusty shelves you can find bargains such as this:


Now come ON a shirt AND a tie?!…..IN A BOXXXXX!!!

For real though! Why you gotta make a nigga all embarrassed to shop there an’ shit!?

Needless to say, embarassing or not, Honest Ed has and continues to help a lot of people in this city who were/are not fortunate enough to afford The Bay or Eatons and for that, you can’t knock the tackiness that is, was, will always be, Mr. Ed Mirvish (July 24, 1914 – July 11, 2007).


Elvis Lives Here

For Elvis searchers, look no more for I have found him. He appears to have cloned himself (in bust form mostly) and is hanging out in Toronto, Canada. He appears to be on some drugs…LSD? PCP? XTC?…Maybe just shrooms…he’s lookin’ kinda chill…


You can find him at Honest Ed’s with the birds because he’s CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!