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Bag Lady

I love handbags, who doesn’t? Sadly, they are often expensive purchases to make, so I end up having to save up for months in order to even dream of attaining a designer one (except when I score at the vintage shops!) But guess what I’ve figured out? You don’t have to have a big, fat, designer label stitched on the inside pocket to feel like you look good. Here are some really cute bags I found on (one of my most frequented online stores.) The great thing about Etsy is that all of the items are second-hand or handmade by the individual sellers so you are not only supporting independent designers, you are also contributing to the health of our environment by buying recycled products…You can’t go wrong there.


Tip My Hat.

I wish I could get away with wearing hats. If they are not perfectly placed on my head, I end up looking like an eggheaded clown/fool. Vintage, as always, has a warm spot in my heart but I especially have a soft spot for war-era uniforms and military issue anything. It’s the ex-soldier in me I suppose! Here are some military-issue chapeaus I found on eBay that I wish would suit my head:

US Marine Corps Officer Cap

World War II US Army Officer Crusher Cap

US Army Overseas Garrison Hat

Civil War Confederate Forage Cap (Replica)